Important Dates


Tuesday, May 5th

6:30pm, TDHS Cafeteria

Root Beer Social: Parent Info & Signups. Bring $40 for Practice Clothing & AAU card


Monday, June 1st
8am, Football Field
First Summer AAU practice.  Practices are 8-10:15am, Monday through Friday each week.

Monday July 27th

Fall practice begins, helmets distributed before practice.


When does practice start?

Spring Football is in May following the completion of Spring Sports.  Summer football starts the first Monday after school ends.  A complete calendar can be found HERE.

Is summer practice mandatory?

There are 25 summer workouts.  All athletes are expected to make at least 20 of the workouts.  Summer is the time that we build strength & conditioning; and also install most of our Offensive and Defensive schemes, and is vital for a player's success.  Athletes that make it to all 25 workouts will receive a Downey Ironman T-shirt at the end of summer workouts.

How much does it cost?

We charge $40 to cover the cost of a new shirt, shorts, and AAU card (mandated by Modesto City Schools).  After that we fundraise.  Each player is asked to fundraise $150 through selling discount cards and online donations.  If an ANYTIME money is an issue- please talk with Coach Plaa.  Money will never keep a student from playing football.

Why is it so expensive?

Our district provides us with safety equipment for all kids.  As a program, we are responsible for fundraising for uniforms and accessories needed to run a great program.  The money raised through spirit pack funds pay for UnderArmour jerseys (Varsity keeps one every year), Underarmour socks, helmet decals, tournaments, team breakfast, and a mouthpiece.

What are the academic requirements to play football?

All returning players must have at least a 2.0gpa and no more than one F grade, at the end of the 2nd semester.  During the season, the coaches grade check every Wednesday.  Players with bad grades (2 or more D/F's) for two weeks in a row are not allowed to play for that week.  They can resume playing when their grades are better.  Players that get Straight A's throughout football season earn a 5' wall decal of themselves from a game.

What are Pride Points?

Pride points are a way to reward commitment to the football program.  A full explanation can be found HERE.

Where can I see my son's Pride Points?

All pride points are updated weekly, and sometimes daily, and the online spreadsheet can be found HERE.

Does my son need a physical to play?

A physical is required to start the season on July 27, 2020.  It is not required to participate in the Summer AAU program.  Our district provides a Physical Day in June- look at our Calendar for date/time info.

How can I keep up with Downey Football?

We are on social media and post updates regularly.  We are on Twitter @tdfootball and we are on Instagram @tdhsfootball

Is it true that you can ONLY play Offense or Defense at Downey, but not play both ways?
We encourage athletes to try themselves on both sides of the ball, especially as freshman and sophomores.  In our experience, athletes fit the personality of Offense or Defense and we encourage them to spend most of their time in training for the skilled position they are best.  We have multiple athletes yearly that focus their effort on one side of the ball, and then specialize in playing on the other side of the ball in specific situations.  We also believe in protecting the physical and mental health of our athletes.

(You can also pay in-person on the first day of practice.  If we don't have a summer practice due to covid-19,
​this $40 will be credited into your Fall Season Fundraisers)

Knights:  Read below for more information and then


Hello Knights:

Welcome to our new online registration system!  

Our website has been updated with current info and links needed to navigate you towards the season.  Please look around to get all of your questions answered.  Use the link above to register online, then pay your $40 to Coach Plaa before the March 2nd earlybird deadline to receive 25 bonus Pride points.

For anyone hoping to make the Varsity or Junior Varsity team, get yourself in a Spring Sport.  Making those teams is competitive, and we want students who want to compete at a high level and are in great shape.  The top 50 players in our program will be on Varsity, the next 50 will be on JV, and the remaining players will be on the Frosh-Soph team.  Action speak louder than words, so put yourself on a Spring sport team and COMPETE!

The season will be here before you know it!!  In the meantime, take care of what's important!  Get your grades up!

 Go Knights!