2-Man Sled :  We have an old 5-man sled and a new 1-man sled.  They get used daily and a 2-man sled will help us do many drills that we cannot currently do.  Cost:  $2,500 plus $500 for freight

NEWLY PURCHASED FOR 2020 Season thanks to Alumni Fundraiser!!
TEAM BALL BAGS :  We would like to have custom ball bags for each individual position group.  Cost:  $750

JV Game Jersey Set :  Once we get a new homecoming jersey set for the Varsity, the previous Homecoming Jerseys will be used as JV Home Jerseys.  We need a white jersey set to finish off the JV uniform.  Cost:  $2,500 for full set

HOMECOMING JERSEYS:  Our current set of Custom  homecoming jerseys are 10 years old.  We wear these 1-2 times a year, during homecoming week, and allow our kids to wear them for home playoff games if they choose.  Cost for Custom Team Set:  $6,500.

QB Arms :  Just need the arms to attach to our current popup bags.  Cost:  $400 for two sets.

Agile Bags :  Many of our coaches use these everyday for fundamentals and we've literally worn out our current Agile bags.  Cost:  $75 each, or $800 for a dozen

Downey football is always looking to partner with businesses or individuals that want to help our Knights.  Donations can be made to Downey High School in the name of one of the items below.  Advertising trades can also be with Downey Football with ad space in our media guide or highlighting your business through our social media.  Contact Coach Plaa if you are interested:  plaa.j@monet.k12.ca.us

NEWLY PURCHASED FOR 2020 Season thanks to Alumni Fundraiser!!

SNAP ATTACK:  Our current Jugs machine is 30 years old and not reliable any longer.  We use this not only for WR's and DB's, but it is extremely valuable practicing punt returns and kick returns.  Cost:  $3,000.